The Partners

As an integral partner of the IFEP, Boca Juniors India assists the project across the technical elements of our player development program.

BJI provides the IFEP with access to a pool of young and exciting footballers from across the country, lending its expertise in player identification and scouting. This ensures the quality and future success of our program in creating elite athletes.

Additionally, BJI provides the IFEP with coaching resources and assistance. With their immense experience in the game Boca Juniors India provides insight and support into the best player development practices.

Through this collaboration, both organisations work closely together to guarantee consistent positive steps towards your child’s dreams of playing football professionally.

The Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence (CSE) is the ultimate sports facility in Bengaluru city and caters to the needs of young elite athletes from across the country. Set up by Prakash Padukone, Rahul Dravid and Vivek Kumar, with the vision to promote excellence in sport, CSE have structured an ultramodern premises.

More significantly, CSE serves as the hub of Boca Juniors India’s Excellence Program (BJI U13, U15 and U18).Through IFEP, athletes will have access to a FIFA approved floodlit artificial turf pitch, a 5-a-side artificial turf ground, an indoor heated swimming-pool and a state-of-the-art indoor gym.

CSE additionally provides access to air-conditioned meeting rooms and a cutting-edge media centre. Video-analysis sessions, team meetings, pre-match briefings, and private sessions with the club dietician / sports psychologist at these facilities will help our athletes take their game to the next level.

CSE’s 15-acre campus also hosts 16 badminton courts, a full-sized cricket ground, 12 indoor cricket pitches, an Olympic-sized outdoor pool, a smaller indoor heated pool, 5 covered tennis courts, 4 squash courts, and a synthetic basketball court.

Nothing says elite performance quite like CSE and IFEP.

We want to create a sense of home right here at IFEP. Our housing solutions for our esteemed athletes are defined by comfort and warmth. We believe that it is this sense of belonging that will bring the best out of a collective group of athletes living together.

IFEP enrolees will bunk together in dormitory style living spaces. Complete with study rooms and reading rooms, as well as a player lounge / recreational area. We guarantee a life of well-being and joyful brotherhood. The accommodation on campus at CSE also boasts an in-house laundry facility, 24 x 7 security, a medical room as well as a dining area.

The athletes’ residence is situated within CSE’s campus and is a 3-minute walk away from the training facility.

Each dormitory is supervised by a House Warden, whose sole responsibility is to look after and guide the elite athletes under his care. Through our accommodation and living spaces, we look to extend our responsibility over our athletes in caring for each

Delhi Public School North, Bengaluru, matches IFEP’s ethos of developing talented and driven young adults. Together, we are invested in the holistic development of our athletes.

Each athlete at our residential football program will be enrolled at DPS North, where they may pursue a curriculum that matches their requirements (NIOS, CBSE or IGCSE). The school’s emphasis on co-scholastic development is evident from the diverse programs they have to offer as well as a vibrant student community.

By virtue of enrolling at DPS North through the IFEP, potential student-athletes are empowered to pursue excellence in their field. The school will assist IFEP athletes balance the mental and physical workloads of the program.

IFEP will provide private tutors on a requirement basis, while covering transport services to and from school, to pair football learning with academic development. Players at IFEP could represent DPS North’s football team.

DPS North believes it can create world leaders and empowered individuals with the right values, from the student-athletes at IFEP.

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